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This is a blog where people can look at my art work and can see what I am currently doing in the world of art.

New Web Site

So I now have an official website, I hope that all of you will check it out. For some reason you can't find it when you google my name, that will be fixed soon. http://www.annieaube.com

Artist Statement

Art for me is a very tactile experience. It should engage the viewer in a very physical way. Either a physical sensation created by layers of visual texture within the piece or literal texture i.e. rough felt, soft silk, etc. My ideal show would be one where everything was open and allowed to be touched. I like my work to be ambiguous; I want my viewers to come to their own conclusions about what I’m trying to say. I thrive on the chance that is involved in making a piece; the happy-accident is something that I live for. I also use Irony in my work, all of my “blankets” are completely useless, I love that idea that something which has all these perceived connotations is turned completely around thus shedding light on the object and on the perceptions that our culture takes for granted. For me art is a window into those things which go unseen every day (the mundane), or which our culture does not want to see (the taboo).


  • Bachelors of Arts in Art 2006
  • Members Exhibition, IGCA, Jan 1st- 31st 2007
  • 100 x 100 Exhibition, International Gallery of Contemporary Art, Oct. 28th-Nov. 26th 2006
  • No Big Heads, University of Alaska, Nov. 1st– 23rd 2006
  • Stitched Together (solo senior show), Mat-Su College, Oct 10th-18th 2006
  • Palmer Arts Council Pavilion, August 24th-September 4th. 2006
  • Fiber Arts Student Showcase, Mat-Su College, November 2005
  • Valley Fiber Arts Guild, 2006-2007
  • Palmer Arts Council, 2006-2007
  • International Gallery of Contemporary Art, 2006-2007

Why Fiber Arts?

Some of you might be wondering why I chose something as obscure as Fiber arts, instead of painting or sculpture. One of the things that I like about fiber arts which you cannot get with any other medium, a physical closeness. We as human beings have a close relationship with cloth, so close that we don't even perceive it most of the time. Cloth has been what has allowed us to live in cold climates (like Alaska), and to keep warm at night in the dessert. Every morning we drap ourselves in cloth, and when we go to bed at night. I like the idea of using something so taken for granted. Some of my art work is perceived as being somewhat creepy, this could be because of the closeness people instictually feel towards cloth and the way that I have used it to make them feel some what uncomfortable.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Baba Yaga

So she is not nearly as bloody as the others, and overall appears quite tame. I still like her even though her lack of true "claws" leads me to want to do another. The reason that she fits in the series is that she is an outsider in her society the way that the rest of my women are. They all live on the fringe of society. Living on the fringe has both its pluses and minuses. The major minus is that one is never fully excepted by the society, it can get pretty lonely when one is not excepted. The plus of being on the outside of society is that one can look more objectively at that society and at other societies. Baba Yaga was known as a dangerous and scary individual but at the same time she was visited by heroes and heroines who were looking for help and guidance.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


So this is my latest embroidery, I just finished it last night and now that I look at it I think his penis needs a little work either to be made bigger or to be outlined and made more prominate. So the "he" that I'm talking about is the Siva. Siva is the god of destruction in the Hindu pantheon. A better way of saying that is that he is the god of destruction in order for creation to continue. The subject of death and regeneration is something that I really enjoy. Well anyway this embroidery isn't about him any way. The Embroider is all about Kali, she is the one on top with the sword and severed head. The head is no ones in particular just a part of most of the pictures I've seen, it could be the head of one of the Demons who she is said to have killed. So Kali is a facinating godess and a many faceted one. She is the savior of the gods but at the same time she can destroy the world if her blood lust gets out of control. She is prayed to for help in child birth but at the same time followers of Kali will sacrifice young children and infants to her. I have to say that the reason that I chose Kali for an embroidery is because she is a fearsom female, and that she is dominating over Siva. I was facinated with her since I first saw her. For more infromation on Kali check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kali

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sheela Na Gig

As you can see this is the latest in my series of embroideries. Isn't she great!! She is based as you can see on the statue located right next to her. These Sheela Na Gigs can be found all over Europe on the sides of catholic Churches constructed in the Middle Ages and earlier. There are many theories to what she means. Many believe that she is a hold over of an ancient neolithic Frog Goddess. The size of this embroidery is smaller than the others being about 5 inches by 5 inches.

Friday, March 9, 2007


This series of pieces I made this last fall for my show Stitched together. Initially these were inspired by a series of meat trays that I had decoupaged body parts which I had cut out of magazines into. I started making these Meat trays soon after my cat Neco died. These stretched pieces of "skin" with pictures embedded came soon after the Meat trays. The "skin" is essentially layers of gel medium which have built up on a piece of visquine and then peeled off when they got to a certain thickness. I then took these "skins" and sewed them into picture frames.

When everything falls apart

Achilles heel

Stitched together

Three or the four horse men of the Apocalypse

The Secret

What if... This one is my favorite!!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Old Boys!!!

These are the good old boys. I love the pieces which are pictured below each of them has been in several shows, and a couple hang in my house as I speak. I thought they might be interesting for those of you have not yet seen them.

Above can be seen my curly ribbon blanket. This particular piece was the bane of my existance for about two years. When I came up with the idea, I did not realize how hard it would be to birth this piece in to existance. So the basic idea is a pretty simple one, that of texture. From a distance the curly ribbon blanket looks somewhat shiney and soft, like silk. But when touched it is hard, brittle, and scratchy. All of my art work is ment to be touched, and this piece was the basis for that. My Ferral blanket was the first piece that I ever made. It is made out of very solid rough felt. It has pieces of hair with hang off of it. This piece is currantly hanging in my living room and will probably always hang there.

This piece and the one below it are siblings as far as I see. The both have the same idea about the use of Materials in weaving. They both have sexual connotations in my mind because of the long threads hanging down in the front. Each one could also double as a apron or string skirt.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Cool New Stuff

So I would love all of you to check out this new site that I'm working on. So what I need from all of you is for you to go to this web site and rate my art work annieaube1.artfaceoff.com the more votes I get the better it is for me. You can also find this link in my favorite link category, under Annie Art Faceoff. So please go on and vote. All the pieces below are things that I have been working on since I did the embroideries. Most of these are based on similar ideas to the ones I was working on before the embroideries. Ideas such as texture and vulvas.

Black Cloth Layered fabric, with different textures

White vulvas

Black Vulvas

Creepy Kid Cloth

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Criedne cuts off her breasts

So this embroidery is based on a Celtic ledgend. Criedne was a young girl, she had been raped three times by her father and every time she ended up getting pregnant and having a baby. When it came out that she had been raped by her father the druids blamed her for suducing her father. The ironic part is that the thing which Criedne was the most angry about was that her father Connel Black Foot would not acknowledge her children as legitimate heirs. She was so angry that she gathered an army of men and pretty much destroyed Connel BlackFoots kingdom. After this happens Connel Black Foot makes the attempt to rape Criedne again. "Conall Blackfoot dragged me to him. I pulled the sharp knife from my belt. I ripped open my bodice. Cut off both my breasts. Blood spilled on the late summer grass. I flung my breasts at my father. 'Since you have such a taste for my body, eat these.'" She then becomes part of the sun and him the moon.